Collected Sayings

June 23rd, 2020
  • Death is as light as a feather, but duty is as heavy as a mountain (Japanese saying)
  • Most suffering in the world comes from wishing that the world is a way that it is not (Buddhist saying)
  • A thousand mile journey begins with the first step (Chinese proverb)
  • Easy does it (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Suffer in Silence (Japanese saying)
  • If you want to get love, you have to give love (Steven Stosny)
  • It explains it, does not excuse it (Unknown)
  • ‘Denial’ is not just a river in Africa (Gavin DeBecker)
  • If you do not think something will happen, you will not take any steps to prevent against it (Gavin DeBecker)
  • Casinos are places to go with you do not need money (Unknown)
  • All living creature and organisms only have two modes of being - either improve or degrade - no pause button. If not improving then you are degrading (Steven Stosny)
  • The brain has two modes - focus or scan (Steven Stosny)
  • Habits cannot be changed of modified, but you can make new ones (Unknown)
  • Every good guy needs a bad guy (Unknown)
  • Don’t search for a light switch in the dark (Gavin DeBecker)
  • Only you can make yourself feel lovable (Steven Stosny)
  • The more a diamond is cut, the more it sparkles (Unknown)
  • The greatest virtue in life is moderation (Aristotle)
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional (Buddhist saying)
  • Courage is overcoming fear (Unknown)
  • Don’t tell me that worry doesn’t do any good. I know better, the things I worry about never happen (Unknown)
  • Whatever you are trying to avoid won’t go away until you confront it (Unknown)
  • Fall down seven times, get up eight (Japanese saying)
  • If a nail sticks up, hammer it down (Japanese saying)
  • The more you tell yourself to not do something, the more you will do it, do something else instead (Unknown)
  • If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape one hundred days of sorrow (Chinese proverb)
  • The best way to feel good is to do good (Steven Stosny)
  • Begin running when you like, and finish when you like (Dodo Bird)
  • Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck (Daila Lama)
  • Efforts to fix one’s problems, often makes them worse (Anna Freud)
  • Because you can do something, it does not mean that you should (e.g. I can drive my car into a tree) (Unknown)
  • Let me know what I am saying so I know what I think (Pugu)
  • I have met the enemy, and the enemy is me (Pugu)

2012 SKDI Spring Tournament - Connecticut

May 9th, 2012

Tim Moore - Team Kumite

Tim Moore - Individual Kumite

Doug Stewart - Kumite - Match 1

Doug Stewart - Kumite - Match 2

Doug Stewart - Kumite - Match 3 - Part 1

Doug Stewart - Kumite - Match 3 - Part 2

Frank Colucci - Kumite - Part 1

Frank Colucci - Kumite - Part 2

Frank Colucci - Team Kumite

Frank Sconzo - Kata - Heian Nidan

Frank Sconzo - Individual Kumite - Part 1

Frank Sconzo - Individual Kumite - Part 2





2010 Brooklyn Tournament

October 28th, 2010

group photo

All our contestants performed with spirit and good will in the recently held JKA Shotokan Karate Tournament held in Brooklyn, NY, October 17, 2010.

Frank Colucci Kumite - JKA Brooklyn

Doug Stewart Kumite Match 1 - JKA Brooklyn

Doug Stewart Kumite Match 2 - JKA Brooklyn

Tim Moore Kumite Match - JKA Brooklyn

Tim Moore - Team Kumite Match - JKA Brooklyn

Tim Moore Sparring

Samantha Sparring

Bob Wolf - Enpi Kata

Tim Moore - Kanku Dai Kata - JKA Brooklyn

Weight Loss Goal

December 9th, 2009

Mark is trying to shred some of his body weight. Everyone should encourage him to eat healthy and exercise consistently.

His current weight is 248.5 pounds. He should share his bodyweight goals with everyone so we can help him reach them.

Dodge Ball Results and Plunge Sign Up

December 8th, 2009

The dodge ball championship ( held Saturday, Dec 5 at Gold’s gym) was a  major good time and great workout for the 13 plus Dodge Ball participants.  Mark P was the MVP as he was on the floor longer than anyone and Doug S was hit most often and sent to the Dodge Ball jail.

Future events to be posted and all are invited.

Plunge is on and the clocking is ticking…. What a better gift to give than sign up a family member or friend for a jump in the ocean.  They are sure to remember you for a long time for such a thoughtful surprise.

December 5 Holiday Training, Dodge Ball and Gathering

November 17th, 2009

Karate family and friends,
Holiday training and dodge ball tournament
Saturday, December 5, Gold’s gym.
7 to 8:15 am

(Please note: dodge ball will be outside so you can just be in the tournament if you are not a Gold’s member and cannot make the training.)

After training gather at Starbucks for cheer and treats.
RSVP to or

Kata Competition / Pumpkin Toss

October 27th, 2009

Please note that although we are only 4 days away from the Golds Karate 2009 Kata Championship and Pumpkin Toss,  we have not heard from Irwin as to his participation.



October 26th, 2009

A Call to REGISTER if you know for sure you are going to the Plunge of  February 27, 2010.  

We are recruiting new plungers every day and referring to the website and need as many names up there as possible for validity reasons.

In 2009 Gold’s Karate Club was the 6th highest team money raiser for Special Olympics. So in 2010, let’s go all the way……



2nd New Hope/Lambertville Bar Crawl

October 21st, 2009

Experience the sights and sounds of New Hope/Lambertville with a group stroll through the streets and bridges and discover the many varieties of bars/restaurants that exist along the stroll…

Ron and Margie’s
47 Lambert Lane
Apt 5
Lambertville, NJ 

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Congregate at 3:00 PM

Crawl will begin shortly thereafter.

Please RSVP to Ron @ 
or Margie @

2009 Halloween Kata Competition and Pumpkin Toss

October 21st, 2009

Gold’s Karate Annual Halloween Kata Competition
When? Saturday, October 31, 2009
Where? GGX room, Gold’s Gym, Lawrenceville, NJ

10-31-09 Schedule:

Class: 7 am to 7:20 am
Kata Competition: 7:20 am to 7:45 am
- Heian Kata chosen by card
- Advanced kata by choice
- Bunkai ( explanation of kata moves )
Pumpkin Toss: 7:45 am

Participation open to all karateka regardless of rank.
Please come out to watch and participate in the Pumpkin Toss if not competing.